E-sword is a fabulous free Bible study tool. Rick Meyers has worked very hard to keep this resource free and usable. Below are a set of resources to help you use the program with a set of recommended tools to aid you in your study.

 E-Sword can be downloaded from Rick Meyers site: HERE

Recommended Resources

  • New American Standard *
  • Complete Jewish Bible *
  • Young’s Literal Translation *
  • Hebrew Old Testament+ *
  • Amplified Bible *
  • Septuagint+ *
  • James Murdock New Testament *
  • The Scriptures 1998 (Institute for Scripture Research)

  • Brown Driver Briggs *
  • Thayers Greek Definitions *
  • Hitchcock’s Bible Names *
  • Webster’s 1828 Dictionary *
  • Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible (Biblesupport.com)
  • Greek to Hebrew Dictionary of Septuagint Words (Biblesupport.com)

  • Bible Timelines *
  • Rand-McNally Maps *
  • American Bible Society Maps *
Reference Library

  • Antiquities of the Jews *
  • Wars of the Jews *

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge *
*Can be downloaded within E-sword itself through the “Downloads” menu at the top of the program.  Premium modules require payment
(most are free).

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