Terms List

We value the importance of Hebrew and use many Hebrew terms during our services.  Below is a list of many of them.  If at any point you are unfamiliar with a term and cannot find it on the list below, please feel free to contact us and ask.

  • Brit Chadasha – The Renewed Covenant, commonly called the New Testament
  • Elohim – God
  • Midrash – A Hebrew word meaning “to search out”.  It is also used to describe a group discussion of the Torah
  • Shabbat – The Sabbath, the 7th day of the week (Saturday)
  • Shalom – A greeting and blessing meaning peace, or fullness
  • Shema – To hear, listen, and obey
  • Tanakh – A Hebrew acronym used as the name of the Original Covenant, commonly called the Old Testament
    • Torah – Law or Instruction
    • Nevi’im – Prophets
    • Ketuvim – Writings
  • Torah – Specifically the 5 books of Moshe, but in Hebrew it means “instruction”, as such it is often used to refer to Scripture as a whole
  • Yahweh (YHVH/YHWH) – This is the covenant name of our Creator
  • Yeshua – The Hebrew name for Jesus